Financial restructuring through

your home loan.

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There is hope.

If you're a home owner and you're getting behind with your monthly debt repayments, or
you're battling to cover your day-to-day living expenses, Mattfin can help you. In fact, we can set you on the road to financial recovery in just 48 hours.

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Peace of mind.

Do you owe money on store and credit cards? Are you struggling to repay a personal loan?

Property prices have increased in recent years, meaning your house is likely to be worth more than the amount you owe on your bond. By helping you apply for a "new" bond, we'll be able to unlock some of this capital which we will use to pay off your debts.

Why trust us?

  • Home loans attract a lower rate of interest than short term debt.
  • Home loans have a longer repayment term, which means you'll be paying off a lot less each month.
  • This frees up your cashflow making money available for critical things like food, electricity or school fees.
  • What's more, your house will stay registered in your name.
  • Need a little more?

    We can also assist in improving your credit record as part of the process. We can apply for judgements to be rescinded and adverse listings and other debt review orders to be cleared / updated on the credit bureau once all debt is settled. We'll give you formal budgeting coaching through our MyFinPlan program, ensuring you're equipped with all the skills necessary to manage your money.

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